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Digit Group is the professional solar technology training organizations in Hyderabad.

“As per official statistics, in order to fulfill the 20,000MW installed capacity targets under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, the Indian solar energy industry will need an estimated 300,000 people by 2022 across all domains, profiles and levels,”

The launch of JNNSM creates excellent opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs to jump into this industry, consequently creating jobs. We will see a rise in the manufacturing sector in the near future, we might even face the shortage of skilled manpower.

There will also be a lot of scope for field work, which has more to do with connecting systems like solar panels, mounting structures, batteries, charge controllers, inverters and the load in setting up power plants.

The Government is planning to increase the talent pool in functional areas like manufacturing,  production, installation, operation & maintenance.

Digit group aiming “To create a renewable energy workforce to tackle climate change and make the planet greener and healthier to live.”

Who can attend solar technology training?

  1. B.Tech/M.Tech graduate is desirable for designing and developing core solar systems, who has the potential to design and develop systems.
  2. BE degree/diploma holders in civil  infrastructure/ switch yards are required for installations, who can work as project managers.”
  3. A candidate would need diploma in engineering for standalone testing or integrated testing of a system,
  4. A graduate in engineering with electrical and electronics is usually responsible for commissioning of large systems
  5. PhD graduates would address optimization of solutions and invention in bulk storage systems and new technologies like organic solar modules.”
  6. Postgraduates would be required to look at the higher value adding possibilities, research and design of systems.
  7. mechanical and electrical engineering diploma holders for installation, commissioning and certification of solar modules and farms
  8. MBA candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate about the industry can focus on entrepreneurship  and getting business development experience in executing larger projects, Research and develop marketing strategy.
  9. ITI technicians will be required for assembly testing cells and panels and also for installing and testing panels at site.

To book your seat please email to or call 9849646025.

Limited admission for each batch

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