domestic  solar1Our System is based on renewable energy utilization and electricity needed for remote area, combining the electricity characteristics of household appliances, communication station and computer peripheral equipment’s. They run with energy conservation and environment protection. They adopt MCU control technique having various kinds of function such as multi-setting mode, MPPT control and Voltage stabilization on line, Short-Circuit protection, inverter frequency adaptive, Output overload, battery charging management, monitoring etc. our products are developed based on the idea powered with high cost performance, equipped with high stability, reliability and high practical applicability.

Our domestic solar products:

Solar Power Packs

power packsSolar power pack system Ideally suits for people with a small houses to big house looking to offset their power bills, looking for bigger savings, slashing rising energy costs, feed back to the grid or seriously zero their power bill.

Solar power packs consist of solar module, solar inverter, Solar Battery
System seizing depends upon load and no of hours utilized .Capacity starts from 100 W to 1000 W.

Solar Water Heaters

heatersElectric geysers and fuel-fed boilers are the conventional water heating methods so far, now  we have solar water heaters  the most  competitive alternative  for hot water system which is natural and pollution free with zero operational cost.

With digit Solar Water Heater you will have hot water when you want it, have no recurring cost of electricity, years of trouble free use and the assurance of a great service backup from the manufacturer. In other words total peace of mind! What’s more, you will be helping the environment too !.

Solar lantern

domestic solar3

The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathing kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from 2 packs of cigarettes a day. By the use of Solar Lanterns these issues are resolved.

Solar Lantern improves the quality of life at the rural household and village level helps stem migration to mega cities.

Solar lightning or solar lathers allows rural families to extend their workday into the evening hours. Most villagers found increase in economical activity level if they use solar lights. It also allows businesses to operate during the evenings.